Fifty years ago, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel with a purpose: To ponder what might be possible. To imagine, to question and to do wonderful in pursuit of a better future. In honor of our golden anniversary, we’re embracing Noyce’s inspiring challenge, “Don’t be encumbered by history, go off and do something wonderful.”

Our 50th anniversary is an opportunity to honor our heritage and look ahead to what’s next. Intel is building the future with the technologies we invent, delivering experiences once thought to be impossible.

Intel’s anniversary is officially July 18, 2018, but all year long we will bring together our people, our partners and our communities to celebrate a bright future for Intel today, and a better world tomorrow.

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Die Evolution des Computers (Infografik)

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Production and cleanroom facilities at work in Intel’s D1D/D1X plant in Hillsboro, Oregon, in April 2017. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

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